Gutter Cleaning Tips

If you don’t clean your gutters regularly, you’re setting yourself up for a disaster. Leaving your gutters unattended can allow new plant life to sprout. Eventually, those seeds can damage your shingles and roof. Fortunately, many companies in your neighborhood offer gutter cleaning services. And don’t forget about those rain gutter covers! If you have a problem with your gutters, contact the professional at to help you prevent further damage.


An excellent way to make gutter cleaning an enjoyable project is to use a ladder. While most homes are built on flat surfaces, some may have steep slopes and require a more difficult gutter cleaning job. When choosing a ladder, ensure that your body is securely supported by the side rails. It’s also essential to work safely and watch your surroundings. Otherwise, you might end up cutting your gutters off in the process. Soda bottles can be used in place of specialized implements.

When your gutters become full, you need to clean them to avoid water damage. Leaving the gutters clogged with leaves, shingle grit, and other debris makes them a breeding ground for mice and insects. Plus, if water isn’t directed away from your home, it can cause extensive damage, leading to leaks and cave-ins throughout your home. Not only is this bad for your roof, but it can also damage your siding, foundation, and basement.

Gutter cleaning is necessary at least twice a year. You should consider implementing gutter guards to extend the time between services. During the fall, your gutters are often overfilled with leaves and other debris, which can result in flooding and even mold growth. When the rainy season hits, gutter cleaning becomes more important than ever. If you neglect the gutters, you can’t expect your home to remain in top shape for long. If you’re not careful, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in repairs.

The cost of gutter cleaning will depend on the total square footage of your home, the number of gutters, and how long each gutter is. Generally, gutter cleaning companies charge per linear foot, based on the length of the gutter. For a single-story home, this means a gutter cleaner will charge $1 per foot; a two-story home will cost you $2. Using the linear foot method will save you money, especially if you’re extending your patio or adding a third story to your home.

Depending on the size of the home, the length of gutters, and their condition, the price can vary between $125 and $180. The price will also depend on whether the gutters are attached to a second-story structure or not. You should also ask about the price of installing gutter guards. In addition to gutter cleaning, gutter guards can be removed and tightening of fasteners can also be done. Furthermore, gutter cleaning services can reseal outlets and end caps.

James Baker